Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Math Questions of the Day

Today I wanted to share three quick and easy ways to get students thinking. The three websites, Mathopolis Question of the DayThe NY Times Set Daily Puzzle, and Math Buddy Online have daily math problems that require a great deal of thinking. Here's some information about each site.

Mathopolis Question of the Day
Students can discuss different problems and solutions with each other. The question changes daily. After students state their answers click the "help link" to reveal the answer and an explanation of the answer. This site has problems for grades 3-12. Below is a screenshot of a 5th grade problem.

The NY Times Set Daily Puzzle
The puzzles on this site are definitely brain teasers and a lot of fun! Students have to find sets using the shapes, colors, and numbers of different objects. There is a short tutorial to learn how to play. These puzzles are tricky! I only figured out 4 sets out of 6 on today's puzzle. Below is a screenshot.

Math Buddy Online
First you choose your grade level (grades 1-8). Once students answer the question you can submit the class answer. Below shows a screenshot of today's question and the answer which is explained once you submit your answer. You can add your email address to have the question emailed to you daily.

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