Wednesday, October 31, 2012



Do you use Pinterest? If so, you will love eduClipper!

Check out this short YouTube video from

eduClipper is just as easy to begin as Pinterest! Just simply create an account by requesting an invite. Then begin to create your board. Add the "eduClip it" button to your Bookmarks Bar. This button will allow you to add directly to your board. Students can create boards too!

Please let me know if you have any questions. Happy clipping! :)

*If you have never used Pinterest... check it out @

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I noticed today when I was in classrooms that teachers are going to my website to find websites that I have posted. This got me thinking... while you're viewing my website, why not share the BrainPOP "pop a joke" of the day or the BrainPOP "movie of the day" with your class? On the right side of my blog there is a sidebar that displays the joke and movie right from BrainPOP. I suggested to a couple teachers that a good time to share the joke or interactive movie may be during snack. Students can watch the short movie during snack and then towards the end of snack the class can test their new knowledge by taking an interactive quiz.

Here is a snapshot of the "pop a joke" of the day (on the sidebar on the right side of the page)
Click on the arrow after the joke and the answer will appear. Want more jokes? Click on "Get a new joke!"

Here is a snapshot of the BrainPOP movie of the day (on the sidebar on the right side of the page)

To take the quiz click on "More Movies, Quizzes, & Activities at" Then, the link will bring you to BrainPOP. Once you are on BrainPOP the movie of the day will be in the center of the page. Click on the movie of the day. This will bring you to the movie. Click on QUIZ to take the interactive quiz with your class.

There are also some free movies on BrainPOP that you can use in your classroom.
*Click here!

*If you want to show BrainPOP Junior. the free movie changes weekly.
*Click here for BrainPOP Jr.

As always, please let me know if you need any assistance :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Build Your Wild Self

Build Your Wild Self, created by the New York Zoos and Aquarium, is a fun way to integrate the use of technology into your classroom. Students can choose a character and then customize their character using silly animal parts, backgrounds, and sound effects. Students will love creating their own wild self creature... just like I did!

Here are some ways to use this site in your classroom:
  • Read the book Where the Wild Things Are to your class. Students can create their own "wild things" and then write about themselves as their own wild thing. 
  • Students can create their own characters for their own writing projects. Students can describe the characters that they create and use them in their stories. Students can use Build Your Wild Self for creative or descriptive writing projects.
  • Integrate Build Your Wild Self into a science unit about animals. Students can learn the different parts of animals and their functions. Students will learn about different animal parts by reading the "What's Wild About You" section.

*Please let me know if you would like to get started with Build Your Wild Self in your classroom. I would be more than happy to help!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Free eBooks!

Great news! Many teachers have been asking me for websites that allow students to read books online for free. "Oxford Owl" is one website that allows this. On this website students can read eBooks and then complete activities that go along with the book they read. If you decide to try this in your classroom make sure that you choose "eBooks" so you do not have to purchase a copy to print. All of the eBooks have a giant letter "e" in the lower right hand corner.

Here's how to find books:
1. Select the "find a book" tab.
2. Under "the library" select the age level you want to search.
3. Use the drop down menus to narrow your search and that's all!

Students can browse books by their age group, genre, or by a series. Students can read the story on their own or have the story read aloud to them. You can skip pages and zoom in or out. 

Students can complete activities to demonstrate their understanding of what they read. If students struggle with completing tasks they can reread the story or skip to the page where they need to find information. 

Here are some more links to websites where students can read online:
Tumble Book Library (you can sign up for a free 30 day trial)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Math Resources

Math Resources!

This site provides you with tons of math resources that align with the Common Core. There are free games, center activities, grade specific resources and hands on math activities. It also provides teachers with Math Journals that have different tasks for students to complete. These tasks will help students to problem solve and to explain their mathematical thinking. Another section you should check out is titled "Math Vocabulary Resources" and "Math Projects."

Here are some screenshots from different resources:

 **Click here for website**