Monday, March 18, 2013

My StoryMaker

My StoryMaker is an easy way to have your entire class create a logically sequenced online story. My StoryMaker is very kid friendly and does not require much practice. There are directions on the website that show you exactly how to use all of the different features. The features are awesome! My StoryMaker differentiates writing for your entire class and is a great tool for struggling writers. You can choose to let My StoryMaker help you create your entire story from start to finish or you can delete the writing they provide to add your own. Below are some screenshots from a story I created.

First your choose your main character, the main character's goal, and then another character who will be in your story. My StoryMaker then chooses a title for your story based on what you chose for your goal. You can change your title if you are not happy with the one selected for you.

Then you can listen to instructions or start your story. You can choose to add more characters, items, scenery objects, and settings. Once you choose characters you can then choose their feelings, their interactions, etc. As you choose different things sentences will be created for you at the bottom. You can edit the sentences or delete them to write your own. 

The books are animated. I made the main character jump into the tree to save the tiger. Once the tiger was saved all the characters celebrated by dancing. I changed all of their emotions to excited and happy.

When your story is finished you can share your story. You also receive a magic code that you can use on Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's website to view your online book or you can print your story. Visit the website to check out my story to share with your class. Type in the code: LCP772

Please let me know if you would like to have your students create their own online stories!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Creating Magazine Covers & Posters

I just had some fun creating a magazine cover and poster to share with you. I used the website Big Huge Labs. They were extremely easy to create and I was able to save and print the pictures. I know a lot of classrooms are in the process of research reports. A magazine could be a way for students to share their information. You could even create one magazine for the entire classroom that would contain all of the student research under different headings. Or you may just want to show your students the website to give them another choice for their own projects.