Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Second grade students at both schools are participating in a Flat Stanley project with students in Texas. Teachers from Connecticut and Texas have been collaborating on a Google Document to create and implement the project together. I'm very excited to share the project details in a post once we are finished. Students just emailed their pen pals and now we are ready for some Flat Stanley fun!

I couldn't wait to share the smore flyer I created for parents and students explaining the next part of our project. As I was running the creation of a flyer by administration we began talking about our schools going green. Rather than printing 200 color copies of a flyer to send home why not email a link to this smore flyer for parents to open? This might even eliminate students misplacing their flyer or not getting one. Using smore also allows me to see how many times the flyer has been viewed. Parents can also leave comments or questions right below the flyer. I'm excited to try this new form of communication with parents. The flyer above was very easy to create and to share. If you are going to use smore to share information with your class or parents click "Embed" on the left hand side of the page. Then you can copy the link to share. Students would love using smore in the classroom. Students can create flyers to share their learning, classroom events, review books they are reading, and so much more.

Please let me know if you would like to use smore in your classroom or to communicate with parents :)

*Flat Stanley journal picture is from Mrs. Meurlin's blog @ http://stellarsweethearts.blogspot.com

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