Tuesday, January 8, 2013


ePals is a global community of students, teachers, and schools from over 200 countries. ePals allows you to connect with classes from all over the world in a safe and secure way. Signing up is simple. Create an account, a classroom profile, and then add your students. Once you are set you can search for classrooms to communicate with, join a collaborative project, or start your own project. Students will receive their own email addresses to use on ePals. Teachers can manage their student accounts and filter their mail. If you have your filters set to 1 you will receive all incoming and outgoing mail before it is processed. Once you approve the mail it will be sent to your students or to the class you are working with. Sue Duke and I just started using ePals in her second grade classroom. We are communicating with a classroom in Indiana. The students attend a fine arts school where the arts are integrated daily into their classrooms. Sue's students were very excited to connect with students that are the same age as them. The students noticed that they have a lot in common with their ePals. We exchanged emails with them and we are looking forward to collaborating on a project together and participating in a video conference. Students can also access ePals at home. There are learning centers students can explore and so much more.

Picture taken from Sue's classroom

The screenshot below is from ePals website "Common Core Implementation Center"

*If you would like to begin using ePals in your classroom please let me know. I have parent permission slips created that you can use in your classroom.

Thank you!

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