Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kidblog App

I just received a pending blog post from a student that I had last year. I decided I would respond to the student and then let the class know that I was going to deactivate our Kidblog :( because they are all in third grade now. As I was browsing through old posts I thought about how my former students would blog from their iPads. I really enjoyed blogging with my class, but remembered how we wished there was an app to make it easier for us when using the iPads to blog or comment. Well guess what? There is an app! I just downloaded the app and logged in. The app worked perfectly! There are tabs on the left side where you can easily create a new post, read posts, comment, view the site, or have access to the control panel. At the bottom there is a photo button where you can easily add photos and videos from your library with no embed codes or HTML! You can even manage your class right from the iPad. Blogging was one of my favorite things that we did in second grade. I definitely recommend starting a class blog!

*If you would like help starting a blog please let me know :)

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