Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SMARTboard Resources!

After meeting with teachers today I'm excited to see everyone eager to use their SMARTboards and to locate resources. Here are some resources I found on the website Teachers Pay Teachers. I hope you can use some of these in your classroom. Remember, you can change all of these to make them your own!

  • Place Value: Students can come to the board to demonstrate their understanding of place value. This can work for every grade. Just add or delete a place by "unlocking." The pictures at the bottom of the page are all set to "infinite cloner." Students can drag them to the correct place to show the number and their understanding of place value.
  • Contractions: Very interactive! The creator included directions on the pages. Make sure you pull the tabs. There are also links to websites to learn about different contractions. There is even a link to a contraction song! I tried all of the links and they are all working properly.
  • Fact Families: There are directions on the second page that go over all of the interactive activities. For pages 3-8, I suggest you change the three numbers at the top to "infinite cloner." If you do this students can drag the numbers and not have to write them each time. It's up to you. You can change any of these resources to fit the needs of your classroom.
  • Vowel Sort: Great resource! Make sure you pull down the tabs to read the directions. Once students decide what the correct answer is make sure you pull out the "check marks" to check their answers. Students can create the words by dragging the letters. Once you finish a page just hit "clear" and then you can start again. 
  • Word Family Ladders: Directions are also on the second page of this resource. Once you finish all of these ladders, copy and paste a ladder to a new page to create your own. One of these pages could then be a recording sheet in your classroom for a center.
  • Capacity: Perfect resource for teaching capacity! I was sold on this resource once I saw the "capacity man." I had a capacity robot poster in my classroom last year. The poster was very large and took up a lot of space in my classroom. This resource shows a closer look at how the capacity man was built. Check it out. 
*Not working on any of these lessons right now but you can use them for future lessons?
 Make sure you save them to start a collection of resources.

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