Monday, September 10, 2012


After meeting with some teachers it was brought to my attention that SCIENCE was beginning to unfold in their classrooms.  Do you use FOSSweb! for resources?  If not...  check it out :)

*CLICK HERE for website*

Here are some resources you can access...

Select your grade level and then the unit you are working on.

Select the "Ask a Scientist" link to have your questions answered and to read other questions that were asked and answered.

Students can listen to the audio stories or watch videos.  This eliminates the problem of not having enough copies of the actual books.  This feature could be added to your listening center in your classroom. The audio stories are also a great way to differentiate in your classroom.

You can find resources to use with each unit.  Download the PDF and then print exactly what you need.  Or, make the resource visible on your SMARTboard for students to use.

Get vocabulary words that go with each unit.  Access these materials wherever you are.  Use the SMARTboard to define these words by using the Web.  Show students how to find the meanings of words using the Web.

There are tons of teacher resources and even home/school connections for each unit.  I hope you find FOSSweb! to be helpful.

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