Monday, September 10, 2012

SMARTboard for Morning Routines & Message

Today I am sharing with you a SMARTboard resource.  My goal as a teacher was to find ways to get students excited to be in the classroom right when they entered.  This was a difficult task that became more complex each year.  Having an interactive activity on your SMARTboard might just be the trick!

*CLICK HERE for resource*

Below is a screenshot of the Random Word Chooser.  Simply change the names to the names of the students in your class.  Then hit select and a name will be chosen.  You can use this tool to choose a leader for calendar or morning meeting.  You could also use this tool to choose students to volunteer for sharing during Morning Meeting.

This next image is a sample of a quick way for students to choose their lunch for the day.  You can also use this for attendance.  Easily change or add to the choices by unlocking the items.  Students can drag their name to their lunch choice.  Any name that is not moved shows that child is absent.

Having your morning message on your SMARTboard is a great way to get kids interacting right away. Students can answer your question or complete the task present in your message right on the SMARTboard.  You can save this template to "my content" and then write a new message each morning.  You can even split the screen to have your morning message and lunch choice on the same page.

The last two images are examples of how you can complete your daily calendar activities using your SMARTboard.  You can change any of these resources by selecting EDIT, SELECT ALL LOCKED NOTES.  Then select FORMAT, LOCKING and UNLOCK.  You can then repeat those steps to LOCK your items again.  Students can use the calendar to create patterns each month and to record the weather.  To make it possible for the items to be moved individually select each item on the page and then select INFINITE CLONER.  Having infinite cloner enabled allows students to select and drag each item to the correct day.  If you want to change the pattern your have to undo the infinite cloner.  Then you can add different images from the gallery or from another source like Google Images.  If you want students to be able to drag the items, make sure you select INFINITE CLONER again.  Remember, you have to unlock the items first.

I hope you will find these resources to be helpful.  You can change them to fit the needs of your classroom.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  I would be more than happy to come help you to change any of these resources.

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