Monday, April 1, 2013

Trading Cards App & Trading Card Creator

ReadWriteThink's Trading Cards is an iOS application that allows students to create their own trading cards. Students can create trading cards about a fictional person, real person, a fictional place, a real place, an object, an event, or a vocabulary word. Each category has questions that are explained on the app which makes it easy for students to follow. You cannot create your own category or questions on the app version. This does make it difficult when you want to use specific questions. The app is a great tool to have students apply what they know about summarizing or to show their understanding about what they are learning. Once students select a category they can upload or take a picture to place on their card. They can resize the picture right on the app. They can also choose from 12 different card designs. Once you create your card you can save it to your images, print, or email your trading card. On the app you can create multiple usernames which is a great feature especially if your class is sharing iPads. Below is a sample trading card I created on my iPad. If you do not have iPads in your classroom you can use your laptops or netbooks. Click here to get started using Trading Card Creator (Flash Player is required). On the Trading Card Creator site you can create your own category and questions, which is great!
Below is a screenshot of Trading Card Creator (here you can insert your own questions)

Click here for lesson ideas using Trading Cards app!
Click here for lesson ideas using Trading Card Creator on the web!

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