Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Video taken from Wonderopolis

How many times have you wondered about something? How many times have your kids asked you random questions that you wondered yourself? When will pigs fly? Why do we call it breakfast? Who invented the microwave? Why do we vote on Tuesdays? These wonders can all be explained on... Wonderopolis!

I came across this website and I could not stop exploring. The videos are great and the wonders are endless. Each day a new wonder is answered or explained. It enables students to use their imaginations and creativity. I put a widget on my blog so you can check out a new wonder every time you visit (on the right side). Wonderopolis is a great way to engage your students and to explore some of the questions that seemed unanswerable. There are over 700 wonders so far. Make sure if you are using Wonderopolis in your classroom that you check out all of the learning tabs. The tabs are there to extend learning.

Here is a snapshot of Wonder # 772 below:

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