Friday, November 16, 2012

Wall Wisher

Wall Wisher
There are so many ways you can use Wall Wisher in your classroom. Wall Wisher is just like having a blank piece of paper or a corkboard on your computer or SMARTboard that everyone can add to. I created a Wall Wisher above about being thankful. You can create a Wall Wisher with your students about things they are thankful for. You can start the wall and then have your students come to the SMARTboard to add their own posting by double clicking. It is very easy to do.

Here are some ways you can use Wall Wisher in your classroom...

  • Post a question on the wall and have students add their responses
  • Create a wall about a story the class read and have students add their favorite part to it
  • Have a word of the day on the wall and have each student add a sentence to the wall that includes the word of the day
  • Students can add questions they have to a blank wall that can be discussed after a lesson
  • Students can brainstorm ideas together or on their own wall

If you are interested in using Wall Wisher in your classroom visit Wall Wisher for more ideas and try it out. Please share any ideas you have by commenting below :)

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