Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Google Classroom!

Welcome back everyone! Happy first day of school. I am so excited that we have new technology in our classrooms. I am writing today because I know how eager everyone is to begin using their Chromebooks along with Google Apps for Education. I am pleased to announce that Google has released Google Classroom! I am confident that with Google Classroom you will all have an easier time integrating Google Apps this year. Let's check it out... here's a Google Classroom introduction video.

Need more convincing?

In one place teachers can...
  • create and distribute assignments & start class discussions
  • collect assignments
  • create Drive folders for each assignment
  • see who completed their work
  • give immediate feedback and grades

In one place students can…
  • get assignments
  • work on assignments
  • stay organized
  • share resources with their classmates

Below is a quick tutorial video on how to get started. PLEASE contact me if you would like assistance with Google Classroom! I would love to come in and to work with you and your students!

Also, as mentioned in the video Google is always updating! I am hopeful that they will add a feature to allow more than one teacher to manage a classroom. However, at this time only one teacher can run a Google Classroom.

Good luck :)