Monday, December 17, 2012


Teachers have been adding links to websites to their classroom website for students to use at home. I just wanted to share with you a FREE and easy resource that you can use to share websites with your students. The resource is called Sqworl. You can create a Sqworl page for your classroom and then you can share the link to your page on your website. Sqworl shows a thumbnail image of websites that you add to your page. Students will be able to recognize familiar websites by the image that is shown. The image will take viewers right to the websites you add. This is a simple way to organize and compile all of the websites you use in your classroom. Your students would be able to use all of the websites at all times from any computer or device.

To use Sqworl just register for free and then simply add websites. Check out my collections below!
sqworl | Science
sqworl | Literacy
sqworl | Math
sqworl | Social Studies
sqworl | Speaking & Listening
sqworl | Internet Safety: Grades 3-5
sqworl | Search Engines for Kids

Here is a short tutorial from Sqworl to get you started. You would create groups for your classroom. 

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