Friday, December 21, 2012

Gingerbread Video Conference Fun!

I wanted to share our experiences with our new friends from Texas. Kindergarten and first grade classrooms participated in a collaborative gingerbread baby project with students all the way in Texas. We created a Connecticut gingerbread baby to share with students in Texas. We learned about our state and then we created directions on how to make our Connecticut gingerbread baby to send to Texas. We then received their directions. We learned all about Texas and we created a Texas gingerbread baby. After we finished our project we got to meet our friends in Texas. We went on a virtual field trip. We video conferenced with the classrooms in Texas that we were collaborating with. We learned so much about the state of Texas. We saw our new friends in real time and even got to speak to them. We got to see how our new friends dressed (some were wearing shorts), what their school day is like (their school day is longer than ours), what they do for fun (some students enjoy rodeos), information about Texas (state abbreviation is TX), and so much more. We really enjoyed traveling to Texas and making new friends! We can’t wait to make even more friends from different places.

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