Thursday, October 11, 2012

Free eBooks!

Great news! Many teachers have been asking me for websites that allow students to read books online for free. "Oxford Owl" is one website that allows this. On this website students can read eBooks and then complete activities that go along with the book they read. If you decide to try this in your classroom make sure that you choose "eBooks" so you do not have to purchase a copy to print. All of the eBooks have a giant letter "e" in the lower right hand corner.

Here's how to find books:
1. Select the "find a book" tab.
2. Under "the library" select the age level you want to search.
3. Use the drop down menus to narrow your search and that's all!

Students can browse books by their age group, genre, or by a series. Students can read the story on their own or have the story read aloud to them. You can skip pages and zoom in or out. 

Students can complete activities to demonstrate their understanding of what they read. If students struggle with completing tasks they can reread the story or skip to the page where they need to find information. 

Here are some more links to websites where students can read online:
Tumble Book Library (you can sign up for a free 30 day trial)

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